Eine weitere Auszeichnung für Nordmeccanica


Eine weitere Auszeichnung für Nordmeccanica

Im Rahmen der 4. Ausgabe von Imprese Vincenti, einem von Intesa Sanpaolo geförderten und konzipierten Projekt, wurde Nordmeccanica unter 4.000 Unternehmen ausgewählt und als italienische unternehmerische Exzellenz ausgezeichnet.

Dank seiner kontinuierlichen Innovationsfähigkeit gehört es zu den italienischen KMU, die den Übergang zur Nachhaltigkeit vorantreiben, das Wachstum unseres Landes fördern und der italienischen Wirtschaft neuen Schwung verleihen.
Unser Präsident Antonio Cerciello holt den Preis ab.

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Innovative Mono-Material, fully recyclable structure for Flexible Packaging applications.


Innovative Mono-Material, fully recyclable structure for Flexible Packaging applications.

Nordmeccanica in cooperation with “University of Parma” and a selected group of qualified technical partners launched an R&D project named Remopack (Recyclable mono-material for packaging).

The project will require a significant investment over the 3 years planned duration. To confirm the importance of the topic and the attention of the political authorities to the matter the project has been awarded a non-repayable financing from the Italian Ministry of Economical Development.
Target of the project will be the development of a mono-material high barrier fully recyclable flexible packaging structure.
With the term mono-material is indicated a laminated compound made out of layers of films manufactured out of the same base polymer. Current guidelines indicate the minimum percentage to qualify for “mono-material” in a range from 80 to 90%, variable country by country. Being the remaining percentage a tolerated amount of non-recyclable components.

The final target of the project is a laminated structure made of multiple film layers, all layers made of the same fully recyclable polymer. The structure through the combined contribution of lamination completed with the use of fully recyclable adhesives, barrier coatings, AlOx deposition in a vacuum metallizer, and technologies developed to emend the typical AlOx layer fragility will have to achieve very high mechanical and barrier properties to comply with the increased demand of performances recorded for flexible packaging. The target mono-material percentage for the project is to be as close as possible for the entire laminated compound to “fully recyclable”.

The innovation consists in pushing recyclability to the extreme while providing a process cost competitive with traditional technologies.
The development of the project will require the contribution of a number of high-level partners. All of them leading their specific market segment. Managing an R&D group of this complexity targeting highly innovative results requires extended expertise and significant technical knowledge. Nordmeccanica has been approved by public authorities in the leading role in recognition of the achievements reached in previous R&D projects and in acknowledgement of its historical role as innovator in our industry.

Partner in the leadership role will be the University of Parma. With its Interdepartmental Research Center for Packaging, University of Parma is leading the research at academic level in this segment in Europe. Parma is in fact the home base of EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, the authority responsible to screen and rate new technologies and innovations in the food supply chain.

NORDMECCANICA   …where were we at?


NORDMECCANICA …where were we at?

December, like every year, is the month of evaluations regarding the work and the successes of the year just passed.

This, however, was more special than usual: after two years of stop, Nordmeccanica has finally managed to gather for the usual Christmas dinner and to celebrate all together the excellent work done.
For the occasion we retraced these last two "particular" years thanks to a video summary of all the goals achieved. Because, despite the difficulties, Nordmeccanica has never stopped and has always pushed and worked to achieve its goals especially in the professional field, but also thanks to personal and sporting successes.

With this video we want to share with all our customers and partners our results and thank them for their continued support over the years, wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a serene 2023.

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Come and visit for the latest in Coating, Laminating and Vacuum Metallizing technologies.. At Pack Expo Nordmeccanica simultaneously with the K show in Dusseldorf Germany, will unveil the latest industry achievements in mono-materials fully recyclable high barrier pouches.

Visit us at:
South Building Booth S-4257

K 2022 AUSSTELLUNG: Zurück nach Düsseldorf!


K 2022 AUSSTELLUNG: Zurück nach Düsseldorf!

Nach zwei Jahren Zwangspause aufgrund der Pandemie sind wir stolz darauf, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass NORDMECCANICA SPA auf der nächsten K-Messe mit seinem Stand vertreten sein wird, wo unsere Mitarbeiter Sie gerne begrüßen werden, um Ihnen unsere neuesten Innovationen in den Bereichen Laminierung und Metallisierung vorzustellen.
Wir werden auch jeden Tag der Messe zur Verfügung stehen, um das gesamte Angebot an Nordmeccanica-Maschinen im Detail zu erklären und unsere Besucher bei allem zu unterstützen, was sie benötigen.

Sie finden uns unter:

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Webinar: Donnerstag, 7. April um 10 Uhr CDT

Begleiten Sie Experten von Nordmeccanica, Dow und Enercon Industries zu einem Webinar über die besten Praktiken für ein erfolgreiches lösungsmittelfreies Laminieren.

Reservieren Sie noch heute Ihren Platz für dieses informative Webinar: Klick hier

Plastimagen 2022


Plastimagen 2022

Nordmeccanica will participate to Plastimagen 2022 fair, at the Incotecnica stand.
Find here the electronic invitation.

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Bi-Lacquering Horizontal


Bi-Lacquering Horizontal

Another major project completed by Nordmeccanica in the Coating Lacquering industry segment. The customer, a film manufacturer, has purchased an Horizontal model so to be able to offer to converters a semi-finished product completing the product portfolio of its films with a variety of coatings in accordance to current trends in the industry. Machine features the unsurpassed drying technology pioneered by Nordmeccanica and able to offer unprecedented production performances while optimizing energy efficiency. The Horizontal model, the top of the line in the Nordmeccanica product range, stands in a league of its own for quality standards and overall performances and scrap reduction.

Machine will allow to handle primers, coatings, releases and a large variety of water or solvent based applications. Interchangeable coating heads, a technology introduced by Nordmeccanica during the 70s, offers the possibility to install every single coating head available in the range: Rotogravure; Close Chamber doctor Blade rotogravure; Semi Flexo; Offset gravure; Flexo; Flexo Special, and several others covering every possible need in the industry.

Film manufacturers represent a quickly growing segment among the Nordmeccanica reference list. Nordmeccanica is in fact the one source for their needs both in Vacuum metallization and film coating.

Machine was completed on time as for every other delivery completed during the pandemics. The unique approach to components sourcing allowed for a punctuality that as well offers no equal in the industry, eventually rewarded by the growth registered by Nordmeccanica in 2021.

Bostik further strengthens its global Flexible Lamination business in APAC by investing in the latest generation Nordmecanicca industrial laminator


Bostik further strengthens its global Flexible Lamination business in APAC by investing in the latest generation Nordmecanicca industrial laminator

Bostik joins forces with Nordmecannica over the purchase of world-class lamination equipment, strengthening its position in flexible lamination in the wake of the acquisition of Ashland’s high performance adhesive and in-line with Arkema’s sustainability strategy.

PARIS, 25 November 2021
Bostik, the Adhesive Solutions segment of Arkema, signed today a purchase contract with Nordmeccanica, one of the world's leading lamination machines suppliers, for the furniture of a cutting-edge commercial laminator, to bolster its global R&D efforts on flexible lamination and further diversify its offering of sustainable smart adhesive solutions.

The new state-of-the-art equipment will be based in Bostik's Shanghai R&D center, and primarily serve the flexible packaging converting industry, which provides adhesive solutions for food and beverage, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical and industrial applications in the Asia Pacific region.

It will allow Bostik to deliver more sustainable, high quality and innovative adhesive solutions to customers in Asia Pacific and around the world, with areas such as solvent-free solutions, low monomer solutions, and solutions that serve the growing need for monomaterial packaging, among the ones that will receive particular focus.

By enabling Bostik teams to reproduce the exact production processes that its clients implement, it will also help speed up the pace at which innovations are developed and brought to the market, contributing to the prompt diffusion of more sustainable adhesive solutions for the packaging industry.
Finally, the new laminator will lead to strengthening the Bostik’s Flex Pack Academy, a knowledge center on flexible lamination and adhesive solutions, thus contributing to expanding the knowledge on flexible lamination through the whole value chain.

“Working with partners such as Nordmeccanica will enable us to deliver superior and safe products to our customers, and at the same time unlock our potential in continuously delivering high performance and sustainable solutions. This is perfectly in line with Bostik’s strategy to forge purposeful partnerships that contribute to our Group’s ambition to create innovative materials for a more sustainable world.” commented Richard Lelievre, Senior Vice President of the Advanced Packaging Business Unit at Bostik.

In the wake of the acquisition of Ashland’s performance adhesives business, this new partnership further strengthens Bostik’s global position in flexible lamination, a steadily growing market, thus actively contributing to Arkema’s ambitious growth strategy.

About Bostik, the Adhesive Solutions segment of Arkema
Bostik, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group and a global player in specialty adhesives for the construction, consumer, and industrial markets, develops innovative and multifunctional sealing and bonding solutions that have been shaping our daily lives for over 130 years. With an annual sale of 2.1 billion euros in 2019, a presence in more than 40 countries, and 6,000 employees, the company is committed to meeting the major ecological, energy and technological challenges through its innovations. It is focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence to meet the expectations of its customers and partners.

About Nordmeccanica
Nordmeccanica is a world leader in the manufacture of coating, laminating and metallizing machinery. A total of 280 employees, five plants (three in Italy, one in China and one in the United States) and two direct operations, in India and Argentina. The company also operates through a network of representatives covering 87 countries worldwide.
Nordmeccanica Group, founded in 1978 and taken over in 1998 by Antonio Cerciello, is confirmed as a global partner, boasting a market share of 75 % in flexible packaging and 65 % in the industrial application field.

For further information, please visit: Bostik
See the video: Bostik joins forces with Nordmecannica

NORDMECCANICA EVENTS: Being Simple, Being Linear


NORDMECCANICA EVENTS: Being Simple, Being Linear

In Erwartung der letzten Folge der Nordmeccanica Events, die sich mit der Metallisierungsabteilung von Nordmeccanica befasst, finden Sie hier ein kurzes Video der Episode 4, die im vergangenen Mai ausgestrahlt wurde.

Die Folge ansehen

Wenn Sie die vollständigen Folgen sehen und mehr Informationen zu den neuesten Innovationen von Nordmeccanica im Bereich Laminierung und Beschichtung erhalten möchten, registrieren Sie sich auf der Website:

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Due to the rise in the global pandemic, Nordmeccanica is informing our customers that the travelling restriction policy implemented by our Corporate offices have been extended until the end of the month of October for those travels that are not essential for start-ups and service calls.
Consequently, we had to cancel the attendance at our booth for the Las Vegas Pack Expo.
We were hoping that Pack Expo would of have been the first show after the first wave of the pandemic.
Unfortunately, the unstable situation with the ongoing pandemic imposed the extension of the travel ban.

We do remain available to our customers at our usual contact points and wish for the possibility to meet face to face next Year at Chicago.

Giorgetti visits Nordmeccanica


Giorgetti visits Nordmeccanica

The Minister: “A company able to size the great opportunities of the ecological transition process”

The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti visited the Nordmeccanica plant in Piacenza, an Italian company worldwide leader in the flexible and environmentally friendly packaging sector.

“Sustainability, but also genius, intuition, the ability to satisfy new ecological transition processes make the difference in the industry today. As far as the Italian companies are able to update and conceive products like the ones we admire today, we can be confident”, Giorgetti declared during the event to present the Nordmeccanica innovations, with satellite-connected customers from over sixty Countries.

Giorgetti in Nordmeccanica

“State must create the situations to seize these opportunities – added the Minister – The world will change in relations, in production factors, just see what’s happening with raw materials. We need willing and capable entrepreneurs and Govenrments able to regulate this process in order to proceed in the right direction. We can do it, we must do it, we will do it. We have to be optimistic.”




Here we are again with the episodes of the Nordmeccanica Events, the new format of Live Streaming Events created by Nordmeccanica to provide our customers with up-to-date information on our activities, new products and innovations.

Look forward for the next webinar that will be held on Tuesday 25 May 2021:
An insight into the evolution of innovation in coating and lamination technology.

As always, to to attend a registration is required: » Click here

If you are already registered, you can access the event on the Nordmeccanica Events website with the same credentials.
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Tempi Moderni: interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello


Tempi Moderni: interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello

The program Tempi Moderni of Swiss TV channel RSI, highlights the economic and bureaucratic situation of our country in the Covid Era. In particular, it takes as its model our city, Piacenza, and Nordmeccanica.
Below you will find the link to the website where you can watch the episode and the interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello:
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Congratulations to Technipaq


Congratulations to Technipaq

We at Nordmeccanica are really proud to be part, through our hardware, of the success of our customers.
We are particularly proud and we like to compliment Technipaq for the achievements within a challenging industry as pharma packaging is. An industry that during these hard days serves all of us in our needs of hygiene and safety.

Nordmeccanica highlights: Future at a Glance


Nordmeccanica highlights: Future at a Glance

To conclude this year, we leave you with the highlights of the first 3 episodes of Nordmeccanica Events, the new format of events via web where we present our machines and the latest technologies of the packaging world signed Nordmeccanica.

- Highlights Ep. 1
- Highlights Ep. 2
- Highlights Ep. 3

To see the entire episodes, and to be able to see Live the next events that will take place in 2021, always via web, you can register at Nordmeccanica Events where, in addition to webinars, you will find other interesting information regarding both Nordmeccanica and our suppliers and partners.




Waiting for the 4th episode of the Nordmeccanica Events that will be hold on 2021, check out the highlights video for the Episode 3 regarding our metallizing department.

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If you want to see the entire episode, register on the website: »

There you will also find the episodes held on July and more information on Nordmeccanica innovations in coating, laminating and metallizing.

Future at a Glance


Future at a Glance

Waiting for the last episode that will take place in October, regarding the metallizing department of Nordmeccanica, here you will find a short video of what have been the last two appointments of July.

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If you want to see the entire episodes and have more information on the latest Nordmeccanica innovations in lamination and coating, register on the website: nordmeccanica.oak-events

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Future at a Glance: Episode 2


Future at a Glance: Episode 2

On July 14th it will be streamed live the second episode: Future at a glance, within the new format “Nordmeccanica Events”.

Episode two focus on what Nordmeccanica intended to showcase at Drupa before the Dusseldorf show was postponed.
Nordmeccanica planned to present for the first time ever in the history at an industry show a Triplex lamination in a single pass, performed live. Consequently the entire show intended for Drupa will be enacted live to the benefit of our customers and friends on July 14th.

The event will present the patented Triplex SL One Shot.
The 3-ply laminator that made possible in total reliability to laminate a multi-ply structure in a single pass using exclusively Solvent Less adhesives. The program includes the demonstration of the Triplex One Shot running a 3-ply structure and in a second run the same machine will be presented in Duplex mode featuring the Dow Symbiex adhesive lamination.

It is the technology that combines innovative machine design and innovative adhesive chemistry to perform the quickest time to market for a two-ply lamination converted with solvent free adhesives. The show is completed with a demonstration run of solvent based adhesives running on the newly developed Super Combi 5000.

A section of the show will cover the latest in terms of barrier enhancement as influenced by the machinery manufacturer and a report of the latest achievements of our cooperation with Henkel in the BarrEnhanceTech Alliance. The event is powered by extremely advanced technologies that will bring to our guests, conveniently on their computers at home or work via satellite, those contents in a show style through the benefit of professional video and sound in a form of entertainment that will add to the experience. The format that was so much appreciated during episode 1.
Registration for the event is open at

Live Streaming Events


Live Streaming Events

Nordmeccanica is introducing a new format of Live Streaming Events.
The intention is to provide our customers with up to date information on our activities, new products, innovations.

The first event is scheduled for Tuesday July 7th and will be live from our Gariga plant. The place were our product line of compact laminator is manufactured. There are two shows scheduled for the day of the event: 9:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Europe, to serve our customer worldwide.

From the very place modern coating and lamination technology was born
A series of live events committed to showcase products, technologies and solutions.

To attend a registration is required: Please click here
Follow our new product demos while running actual jobs, check and analyze results, interact with the speakers, download technical information.